Annual Sunday Workshops begin in the fall of each year.  Auditions are held late summer every year. Contact us directly to be notified about annual auditions.

By encouraging girls to be heard, GBH nurtures their creativity, artistic talents, confidence, and self-esteem. We know from experience that when a girl finds her voice on stage, she will use that strengthened voice to knock down barriers in all areas of her life, and advance to a healthier and more productive life.

sunday workshop tremont church

Photos of Sunday Workshop at Tremont Church's final performance of 2017.


Sunday WorkShop art new york

Photos of Sunday Workshop at ART New York's final performance of 2017.


GBH promotes racial, gender, and economic empowerment by providing New York City’s girls with a unique social justice education and mentoring program that tackles the obstacles they face and provides strategies to overcome them. Building self-esteem and growing individual talents is how we empower young women to become leaders and activists in their communities.

GBH runs weekend and after-school theatre education programs in NYC, where our girls’ theatrical work is generated.

Our programs share the GBH method and curriculum of mentoring and listening to the girls’ stories; helping them develop their writing and speaking skills to powerfully express and share their experiences, and leading discussions about the issues affecting women and girls around the world. Through the performances, the company members not only develop their confidence and skills but they are able to teach audiences about the issues affecting girls and women and impact the world for social change.

Methodology: While GBH is one-of-a-kind, our methodology for creating theatre is based on proven theatre exercises and techniques, including physical and writing exercises, and ensemble building, documentary theatre, and ethnographic techniques. Our curriculum is aligned with the NYC Blueprint for Teaching and Learning in Theatre and is founded, in part, on the ideas of Paulo Freire and Augusto Boal’s pedagogy of the oppressed and principles of experiential learning. We use a learner-centered, socially responsible listening model that engages students as active participants in their own journey. GBH uses our Girl Power Curriculum in all of our program sites (after-school, community-based, and detention centers/foster homes). The curriculum is the culmination of seven years of internal development, and remains a living document to this day.

Results: Regarding safety and security, our weekly shared space workshops offer a nurturing environment where participants can freely express themselves without judgment or shame, and share stories of struggles and overcoming them. As stated by one GBH participant, “GBH created a safe space to share my writing and allowed me to unapologetically be myself.” In 2016, a consultant conducted a comprehensive review of our survey data. Among the results, 100% of girls who reported not feeling safe where they lived responded that GBH increased their self-confidence and their interest in becoming an activist. Our program model is especially beneficial for those dealing with self-harm—in multiple instances, self-harm decreased as a result of our programming.

Once participants have finished their school-year long workshop they are eligible for economic security and leadership. Participants are paid $13/hour or more for every rehearsal and community performance after their first season of workshops. Additionally, GBH offers participants employment as Teaching Artists and interns, which builds job readiness and life skills. By exposing GBH participants to performing opportunities in high-visibility venues, including community centers, City Hall, the UN, and the White House, GBH cultivates a new generation of activist-artists and leaders. One GBH participant noted, “GBH has made me appreciate the opportunities in my life and made me want to speak out for girls in other countries and in my community.” Another participant stated, “I am able to express how I feel and say things I never had the confidence to say.”

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Participation in Girl Be Heard is free. Girl Be Heard is an equal opportunity employer of artists of diverse cultural backgrounds, identities, & abilities.