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Interested in Arts & Activism?

GBH runs FREE weekend and after-school theatre education programs in NYC. For young women, girls, and trans/gender nonconforming youth ages 12 to 21.

What is Girl Be Heard?

We are a feminist theater organization that provides free year-long girl empowerment workshops meeting weekly on Sunday afternoons in Manhattan. Graduates become eligible for paid performance opportunities, shows and advocacy events.

Build your self-esteem and grow your individual talents!

Who is it for?

Young women, girls and gender trans/gender nonconforming youth (ages 12 to 21). Those interested in strengthening their skills as artist/activists through performance, writing, and self-expression. Folks who want to work together to speak out about social justice issues. (No prior experience needed!)

Empower yourselves to become leaders and activists in your own communities. 

How do I audition?

Bring one original piece—memorized and written by you. It should be in your own voice and about a social justice issue important to you. To learn more and make your appointment sign up below or call us at 718 222-4475.

Find a group of friends and teaching artists that are into the same social causes you are!

Write, perform, and learn to work together as aN ensemble.

Auditions are August 8th & 9th

Want to create confident, self-aware, socially conscious, theater?
We are seeking activists, artists, and young people that want to be positive agents of change in their schools and communities.

Examples of social justice issues:

Women’s Rights



Mental Health

Gun Violence


Black Lives Matter


Sign Up Now!

With a Photo and a note about why you want to be heard!


Sign Up Now!

Auditions are August 8th & 9th

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To audition, e-mail photo & a note on why you want to be part of Girl Be Heard.


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GBH promotes racial, gender, and economic empowerment... 

by providing you the New York City’s youth with a unique social justice education and mentoring program that tackles the obstacles you face and provides you with strategies to overcome them.