And ultimately, that’s what Girl Be Heard is all about creating opportunities for young women’s stories to be heard, and demanding that people listen. ‘I felt transformed (after joining Girl Be Heard),’ said Halle ‘I realized my voice meant something.’
— Huffington Post

Girl Be Heard Company Members

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Aya A.

Member since: 2012
“I found that by investing in myself as an Egyptian female artist and activist I was investing in the world around me.”

  Noura J.  Member Since: 2013

Noura J.
Member Since: 2013

Noura J.

Member Since: 2013

“GBH addresses issues that people don’t want to hear. We take the issues that are happening right now and talk about them because everybody, everybody, needs our help.”

Aimee B.

Member Since: 2014
“Going onstage, telling your story, and just being you is really empowering. GBH has brought me to places I could never have imagined.”.

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Shenny A.

Member Since: 2014
“Girl Be Heard has enhanced me as a human being, making me a voice for those who have been silenced.”The following is placeholder text. Class aptent taciti sociosqu ad litora torquent per conubia nostra, per inceptos himenaeos.

Ayanda D.

Member Since: 2013
“I love my Girl Be Heard family!”

Bintou D.

Member Since: 2013
“Now I have a whole new community of friends at Girl Be Heard who love me for exactly who I am.”

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Tiffani-Amber D.

Member Since: 2010
“Girl Be Heard has been a beacon of light through the hardships of my life.”

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Avery D.

Member Since: 2014
“Girl Be Heard created a safe space to share my writing and allowed me to unapologetically be myself.”

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Mildred V.

Member since: 2012
“Girl Be Heard has given me a sense of understanding of my artistic voice, and a platform to speak for the voiceless”.

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Deanna I. 

Member Since: 2009
“GBH has encouraged me to use art as a tool for social change. It’s a movement like nothing else I’ve ever experienced.”

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Kayla I.

Member Since: 2013
“I didn’t even know how much I needed this until it was given to me, and it has truly been a blessing in my life that has also allowed me to find my passion in feminist theatre.”

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Larissa J.

Member Since: 2014
“GBH is a power source. It has helped me feed my own presence and my own voice. I am now confident speaking as myself.”

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Ebony K.

Member Since: 2014
“These incredible ladies have inspired me to ask the tough questions in both my writing and my life. Being a company member of GBH has changed my life.”

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Veronica M.

Member since: 2014
“My passion is writing: telling my stories, the stories of others, and stories that don’t even exist until I put them on the page.”

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Allie M.

Member since: 2013
“Working with so many talented young girls has proven to be a constant inspiration and has contributed to my best work to date.”


Breani M.

Member since: 2011 
“I did not have the confidence to let people hear my writing until I joined Girl Be Heard. I love my Girl Be Heard family; they are like the sisters I never had.”

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Isabella O.

Member since: 2011
“I hope to inspire others through my work with Girl Be Heard and voice issues that are relevant to girls both nearby and worldwide.”

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Halle P.

Member Since: March 2013
“Once I joined Girl Be Heard, I gained a positive way to use my talent and a loving and supportive family of girls who knew what it was like to struggle like I did.”

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Victoria P.

Member Since: 2014
“Girl Be Heard has given me a platform to express myself without shame or judgment. It has made me feel beautiful.”

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Shaquilla P.

Member since: 2013
“I can now vent and release everything I have buried within myself for all these years. Girl Be Heard has given me the power to be free and happy.”

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Jewel P.

Member Since: 2014
“GBH taught me that I don’t have to keep everything inside. They have taught me that my point of view is okay, because you are you and you are beautiful.”

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Jai R.

Member since: 2011
“I’ve entered a gateway filled with open-hearted girls working together to change the world. These girls are my new best friends. There’s no better feeling than being surrounded by positivity.”

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Krystal R.

Member Since: 2013
“I finally found another family called Girl Be Heard. They took me in as one of their own. I love every single one of my girls.”

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Sophie R.

Member Since: 2014
“Girl Be Heard has not only made me a better writer, but a better person.”

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Brianna S.

Member since: 2013
“I have learned what it means to be a sister, an ensemble member. I have made stronger bonds in my first three months at Girl Be Heard than I have in three years.”

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Julia S.

Member since: 2013
“I’ve realized how powerful the female voice truly is, and how much of a difference a group of girls can make.”

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Shalika S.

Member since: 2012
“These girls inspire me every time I see them on stage. So proud to be a member of Girl Be Heard.”

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Kristi T.

Member since: 2012
“I’ve always been invested in listening to others and learning from people and the world around me. The brilliant part of Girl Be Heard is we are a family.”

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Melanie T.

Member since: 2012
“Girl Be Heard has helped me develop as an artist and has given me a 3rd family. GBH is the safest and one of the only places I want to be.”

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Karen V.

Member since: 2010
“Girl Be Heard made me not only want to be an actress and performer, but also an activist and feminist. GBH has made me appreciate the opportunities in my life and made me want to speak out for girls in other countries and in my community.”

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Lauren W.

Member Since: 2014
“Through Girl Be Heard I have learned to channel my creative writing into something that can become more than another page in a journal. GBH has made me feel like I can change the world.”


Member Since:

Chelsea A.
Kiara B.
Victoria C.
Rachel C.
Katie D.
Supriya G.
Esther K.
Yeshiah L.
Asha M.
Taylor M.
Stephanie O.
Laura R.

Aya A.
Amelia A.
Andrea A.
Dinae A.
Chioneso B.
Anaridia B.
Ianna C.
Jayde C.
Jael C.
Eden D.
Georgie E.
Samia F.
Ruby G.
Mildred J.
Tzahalla K.
Molly K.
Adriana M.
Natalia M.
Noelia M.
Tatianna M.
Jayden M.
Isabella O.
Charbrielle P.
Kayleen P.
Betsy P.
Sara R.
Iqra S.
Shalika S.
Shira S.
Kristi T.
Melanie T.
Mariaisabel Z.

Jordan F.
Hannah L.
Me'khai L.
Aastha J.
Ray J.
Esther K.
Emma K.
Jesse K.
Asha M.
Sharice P.
Laura R.
Jamie S.
Nina T.
Briana-Maria V.
Annalise W.

Mariah A.
Kate B.
Drue C.
Lauren C.
Tiffani-Amber D.
Jaida F.
Tracey H.
Kaitlyn H.
Lily H.
Laura K.
Maeve L.
Christina L.
Jai R.
Tiff R.
Monae S.
Breani S.
Blaise S.
Isabella S.
Danielle W.
Sophie W.
Kelsey W.
Marina W.
Zoe W.
Hillary Y.

Tajani (Tay) B.
Grace B.
Aimee B.
Emilie K. C.
Shenny L.
Avery D.
Safiya D.
Allison F.
Destini H.
Larissa J.
Noura J.
Taylor K.
Ebony K.
Alex L.
Genesis M.
Kayla O.
Victoria P.
Jewel P.
Sophie R.
Jackie T.
Reyna C.
Laura W.

Kristina D.
Monica F.
Kristen G.
Kayla G.
Stacey O.
Samantha P.
Andira R.
Lillian R.
Katherine S.
Karen V.


Hazel B.
Naeemah C.
Bintou D.
Ayanda D.
Kayla I.
Veronica M.
Allie M.
Melanie M.
Allysia O.
Victoria O.
Halle P.
Shaquilla P.
Krystal R.
Bleu S.
Julia S.
Leah S.
Nykemah W.

Lyric A.
Alondra D.
Brittany D.
Dominique F.
Candice F.
Nora K.
Roni L.
Michelle L.
Melissa M.
Andrea P.
Christina P.
Alexandra S.
Stefanie S.
Katya S.
Ellen S.
Anastasia Z.