Girls Read For Girls!

Celebrate the Girls Read for Girls read-a-thon! In this collaboration with our local arts center, Girl Be Heard company members will participate in reading original work for K-8th graders at the Brooklyn Museum. The day’s events will raise money for the Malala Fund, which works to secure the rights of girls to a minimum of twelve years of education.

This is a free event, but requires registration. 

Fundraiser For Puerto Rico!!!

Friday, October 27th we will be having a fundraiser from 7-8:30PM. Please join us at the performance & open mic for Puerto Rico relief. 

Packer Collegiate Institute 170 Joralemon St Brooklyn, NY

See you there! 


We Did it!!!

Thank you for those of you who have been with us, your hard work has contributed to this moment and we are so excited to share this news with you!



Auditions 2017 (Tremont).png




Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 3.15.02 PM.png

Note from our GALA Photographer...


Hello Women-who-were-once-girls,

What a treat to be able to capture last night's event. It was nothing shy as inspirational and as a mama to boy/girl twins and often feeling doomed about the lack of female role models in their future, I felt hopeful last night. You're doing wondrous things, to say the least!

Okay, as for the photos,  you can download and or all files by using the download pin number below.

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Lastly, you should view this gallery on Safari or Chrome. For some reason, Firefox isn't great with their color calibration.

I think that's it!

Enjoy the memories!

xo Ahna