Laura W.
Member Since: 2014

“Through Girl Be Heard I have learned to channel my creative writing into something that can become more than another page in a journal. GBH has made me feel like I can change the world.”

Ever seen “Thoroughly Modern Milly”? When I first stepped foot in New York, that’s exactly what would have come to mind. I was wide-eyed and ready for someone to steal my luggage! Joining GBH in the fall of 2014 saved me from that. I sing, direct, act, sew, paint—and Girl Be Heard has taught me to use every bit of my talent. We are changing the world through song, dance, and writing. We give people a platform to be themselves and say something to the world. GBH has shown me that what you say can have more impact than you think; it has shown me something other than what is normally seen. GBH has shown me women at their best.