Our After-School Program creates a safe, supportive environment for youth to talk about issues they care about and learn how to work together as an ensemble. Our curriculum fosters healthy, confident, self-aware young women who are engaged in their schools and communities. In the program, Girl Be Heard members actively observe society and their role in it, reflecting critically, writing, and performing on social issues that affect the status of young women, girls and female identified youth around the world. Through these acts, they gain the confidence to become leaders in their communities. Ensembles meet weekly over the course of the school year, culminating with a performance at the end of the year. Please email us here to book a program.



A. One Unit (10 Sessions) $8,000

B. Two Units (20 Sessions) $15,000

C. Three Units/Full Year (28 Sessions) $20,000



Girl Be Heard offers interactive workshops exploring a variety of topics related to issues that girls and youth are facing around the world. Each workshop is tailor-made to fit the needs and interests of your group. Workshop participants will interact with Girl Be Heard teaching artists, who will facilitate and share the methodology of Girl Be Heard artist/activist work. Please review and complete our Booking Form.




Girl Be Heard performances celebrate and amplify the voices of girls and youth. These award-winning performances – seen off-Broadway, at the White House, TED conferences, and the United Nations – are written and performed by Girl Be Heard company members and cover critical human rights issues – from sex trafficking to gun violence. Each show is followed by talkback. Girl Be Heard is eager to work with you to tailor a show towards the specific needs of your audience, school or community. Please review and complete our Booking Form.



A.    30 Minute Performance (4 to 6 performers) + Talkback $5,000 Nonprofits/School Rate $4,500

B.    15 minute Performance (2 to 3 performers) + Talkback $3,500 Nonprofits/School Rate $3,000

C.    15 Minute Performance (2 to 3 performers) $3,000 Nonprofits/School Rate $2,500

D.   1 Performer $750  Nonprofits/School Rate $500

Performances travel expenses may apply.



Girl Be Heard hosts groups from other parts of the US and around the world. Customized, girl-powered visits to NYC include sight-seeing and learning about social issues that have impacted our City, both past and present. A special performance sheds light on the personal side of NYC and its social fabric as told by our girls. Previous Cross-Cultural Exchanges have included visits to the Lower East Side Tenement Museum, culinary tours of immigrant NY, picnicking in Central Park and boating around the City.

On tour, GBH spotlights global issues girls face and promotes cultural and educational exchange. Engaging local communities in other countries, Girl Be Heard catalyzes change around human rights and gender equality, centering girls as leaders in their communities and the world at large. Girl Be Heard has performed in Trinidad, Geneva, Sarajevo, Bermuda, Taiwan and the UK.

Pricing depends on group size and scope of visit.