GBH runs FREE weekend and after-school theatre education programs in New York City. For young women, girls, and trans/gender nonconforming youth ages 12 to 21.


Building self-esteem and growing individual talents is how we empower young people to become leaders and activists in their communities.

Our Programs

Our programs share the GBH method and curriculum of mentoring and listening to the girls’ stories; helping them develop their writing and speaking skills to powerfully express and share their experiences, and leading discussions about the issues affecting women and girls around the world.

Through the performances, the company members not only develop their confidence and skills but they are able to teach audiences about the issues affecting girls and women and impact the world for social change.


After-School Programs

GBH offers its Girl Power curriculum in after-school programs at Title 1 middle and high schools that serve free lunch across New York City.



GBH company members can audition for paid opportunities to develop and perform original shows, including an annual Mainstage show, based on the social justice issues they care about.


Cross-Cultural Exchange

GBH brings its workshops and performances to communities that need them most, in partnership with universities, community organizations, NGOs, public officials, and nonprofit groups.


Girl Power Workshops

GBH expands its theatre company each year through community-based programming. This cohort meets weekly for a year to develop as ensemble members and emerging artists.


Bring Girl Be Heard to your community

Our Programs and Workshops create a safe, supportive environment for youth to talk about issues they care about and learn how to work together as an ensemble. Our curriculum fosters healthy, confident, self-aware young people who are engaged in their schools and communities.

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