Veronica M. 
Member since: 2014

“My passion is writing: telling my stories, the stories of others, and stories that don’t even exist until I put them on the page.”

I came to Girl Be Heard when I was 14, and since then I have had such incredible experiences and made so many lifelong friends. It is an honor just to come to our writing workshops every Sunday and hear work from some of the most talented young performance artists in New York. My passion is writing: telling my stories and the stories of others. Born and raised in Brooklyn, I have been fascinated by theatre and the arts since a young age. Today, I want to use theatre to make an impact on the world by telling the stories that need to be heard, to the people that need to hear them. I hope that my work will be able to change minds and make people think, starting a discussion about the issues that affect people around the world and yet still aren’t being addressed. I believe that awareness is the first step towards change, and I want to make people aware.