GBH runs weekend theatre education programs in Manhattan and Bronx, where our participants' theatrical work is generated.


Our workshops share the GBH methodology and curriculum of listening to girls' and TGNC youth's stories, developing their writing and speaking skills to powerfully express their message, and leading discussions about social justice issues in their communities and beyond.

Through the performances, the participants not only develop their confidence and skills, they teach audiences about the issues affecting girls and women and impact the world for social change.

Auditions for Manhattan and Bronx weekend workshops are open to those between the ages of 12-21. Check our audition page for more information.

Once participants have finished their school-year weekend or after-school workshop they are eligible to perform at high-visibility venues such as City Hall, national conferences, and the UN, and are paid for every rehearsal and performance.

To learn about our After School Programs click here.


Participation in Girl Be Heard is free. Girl Be Heard is an equal opportunity employer of artists of diverse cultural backgrounds, identities, & abilities.

Past WEEKEND Workshop shows