Please fill out our booking form to request an original Girl Be Heard production or workshop!

Girl Be Heard Teaching Artists and Staff are available to come to your school, office, or community-based program to present a customized workshop (or series of workshops) based on the needs of your program. Our workshops can include any of the following:

  • Community building exercises

  • A broad introduction to women’s issues

  • More in depth study of any number of issues affecting women and girls, such as: Identity (race, class, sexual orientation, ability), Body Image, Suicide, Teen Pregnancy, Substance Abuse, Gun Violence, Sex Trafficking, Forced Child Marriage, Violence Against Women and Girls, Civil and Human Rights

  • Selected performance excerpts from our plays

  • Engaging writing and theatre exercises that encourage participants to reflect critically on their own experiences and information gathered from outside sources (news, media, pop culture, etc.)

We are also open to any suggestions of topics that pertain more directly to your needs.

If you are interested in scheduling a workshop, series of workshops, or bringing our full curriculum to your program for a longer residency, please fill out our booking request form