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GBH is interested in your quotes/testimonials/stories of personal transformation.

If you participate, you will automatically be entered into a drawing for a $50 gift card at the end of August. 

Calling all current and past Girl Be Heard program participants!
We want to hear from you!

DEADLINE: Wednesday, August 15th, 2018

Testimonials D3_.jpg

We are seeking:

• Positive thoughts and experiences
• Girl Be Heard’s impact on your life
• Stories of personal change/growth

Quotes, testimonials, and stories will be shared with the larger GBH community (including supporters, funders, partners, program participants, and potential program participants) as part of our fundraising campaigns, grant reporting, on our website, and/or other program recruitment materials.

This is an incredible way of giving back
and helping with community fundraising! Help ensure future participants have access to Girl Be Heard.

This is one of the many ways we show funders the impact of their contributions in hopes of ensuring future funding.

Quotes, testimonials, and stories will be chosen from the pool of those submitted that best fit with the themes of the particular project. Not all submissions will be used. Selected submissions may be jointly edited by Girl Be Heard and the participant/alum, subject to the participant/alum’s final approval.

There are 3 ways you can submit your experience:
A quote, testimonial, and/or a story!

Quote: From a few key words or phrases to 1-2 short sentences, this is a quick quote of what you’ve taken away from GBH or what your experience was like.

Testimonial: A paragraph (approximately 5 sentences, but could be more or less) about how GBH has impacted you, how your life has changed, and/or how you feel about the program, its participants, or the mission.

(Quotes & Testimonials could be used on our social media pages, participant recruiting materials, website, annual reports and/or grant reporting along with the photos we receive or photos we have taken at your program or performances.)

Story: A 1-2 page write-up sharing your personal story of change/growth as a result of participating in GBH programming. 

(Stories along with the photos we receive or photos we have taken at your program or performances could be used for our annual report, general promotion/fundraising, and/or annual End of Year Campaign, where an e-blast and/or a letter signed by 1-2 program participants will go out to supporters to ask for their financial support of GBH programming.)

Quotes, testimonials, and stories will be received on a rolling basis via this website page until Wednesday, August 15th, 2018.


Excited about that gift card?!? Here is how to up your chances!!!

The longer the entry the more chances you have…

Quote = 1 Entry
Testimonial = 2 Entries
Story = 3 Entries!

Submit via email by August 15th.

Please include:

• Your full name
• Age
• School/Program
• Program year

Feel free to add a photo or any other information you would like us to have.

All submissions will automatically enter a random drawing (taking place on August 17th) for a $50 Starbucks Gift Card! Questions? Please feel free to contact Lily at lily@girlbeheard.org for samples of past testimonials or to work together on your testimonial/story!