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GBH runs FREE weekend and after-school theatre education programs in NYC. For young women, girls, and trans/gender nonconforming youth ages 12 to 21.

What is Girl Be Heard?

We develop, amplify and celebrate the voices of young women and gender non-conforming youth through socially conscious theatre-making.


Who We Serve:

The majority of our work is in NYC neighborhoods with the greatest health, economic and other disparities.  Programming is 6 days a week (Sunday-Friday).

What We Do

Youth Empowerment / Storytelling / Theatre Workshop and year-long Programs (audition here)

Our Global Work

Girl Be Heard has toured 8 countries, with original theatrical scripts written and performed by youth -- many of whom had never traveled beyond their NYC neighborhoods. We also launched our first chapter in Trinidad and Tobago since so many of our youth and their families have roots in the Caribbean.

Economic Justice:  Paying Artists and Activists Fairly for Their Work

Women, people of color, writers, performers are systemically exploited, underpaid and overworked.   Not at Girl Be Heard. After a year in our program, performers get paid to perform their original work (developed during the year-long, free program provided to youth (12-21) under the wing of experience Teaching Artists.

More About GBH:

Girl Be Heard (GBH) raises awareness about the epidemic of injustices plaguing girls -- such as racism, sexism, poverty, hunger, homelessness, segregation, gentrification, sex trafficking and all forms of gender-based violence, to name a few.  These universal injustices are felt in every corner of the globe. We dispel the myth that our country is “better” than any other when it comes to how we treat women and girls. Our show, Trafficked, is a prime example.  Our cast and crew dispelled the myth that sex trafficking was an epidemic in faraway lands (Thailand, Cambodia, etc.) by telling the story of sex trafficking survivors right here at home, in NYC, supported by data and facts about the $38 billion sex trafficking industry enslaving girls.  We’ve done many shows to challenge the status quo and educate our audiences about how forced child marriage, access to quality education, and female genital mutilation are reflected here at home.  

Youth in classrooms in NYC and the 8 countries we’ve toured, struggle with similar issues, all of which stem from systems set up to keep women and girls down -- colonization, patriarchy, and white supremacy.  Systemic misogyny tries to subjugate us but it is also the cement that binds us. The safe spaces and sisterhood that our programs give birth to allow GBH participants to rise above adversity like a Phoenix from the ashes. GBH’s powerful community of youth leaders and changemakers are born in every classroom we work in and give life to a broader global movement that addresses these injustices via socially conscious theatre-making.

Since we officially became a 501(c)(3) nonprofit in 2011, we have grown, evolved, and expanded our feminist lens to ensure it is intersectional. Deepening and broadening our understanding of the intersections of race, class, and gender, each and every day, is a commitment we all must make to keep our hand on the pulse of what GBH program participants need.  If we can keep pace, and evolve alongside our ever-changing youth, and the ever-changing society they live in, then and only then can GBH successfully and strategically be of maximum love and service to those we serve.


Current Programs

Girl Be Heard's

Girl power

Sunday workshops

GBH expands its theatre company each year through community-based programming. This ensemble meets weekly for a year to develop as artist/activists, ending the year  with a collaborative performance.

Girl Be Heard's

Staging the Revolution


GBH offers its Girl Power curriculum in after-school programs at Title 1 middle and high schools that serve free lunch across NYC. Visit our After-School page to find if your school has Girl Be Heard.


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GBH promotes racial, gender, and economic empowerment... 

by providing you the New York City’s youth with a unique social justice education and mentoring program that tackles the obstacles you face and provides you with strategies to overcome them.